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Oakland County Embryo Case Heading for Evidentiary Hearing

An interesting case from the Oakland County Family Court poses the question: is a fertilized yet frozen human embryo property or a person?Oakland County Family Court Judge Lisa Langton has been assigned the task of deciding this question. One couple … Continue reading

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New Argument From The Right: Trump's Tweets Shouldn't Have Evidentiary Value

The Federalist Society at the University of North Dakota School of Law hosted Josh Blackman (S. Texas) on Friday. He spoke about Trump's travel bans and the recent litigation over sanctuary policies in California. In Q&A after his talk, I… … Continue reading

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Evidentiary Foundations, by Edward J. Imwinkelried

  Evidentiary Foundations, Tenth Edition provides sample lines of questioning that demonstrate how to lay the foundation for admitting various kinds of evidence. It also includes a brief discussion of the underlying legal principles, based on modern common law and … Continue reading

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The Massachusetts Legislature Should Update the Law on Evidentiary Privilege—to Protect Families

In addition to the many other changes contained in the criminal justice bills that have recently passed the Massachusetts House and Senate, criminal justice reform in the Commonwealth could include one additional significant change in the laws of evidence. The … Continue reading

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Opinion on evidentiary record in federal habeas

The case is Cullen v. Pinholster. Here is the syllabus: A California jury convicted respondent Pinholster on two counts of first-degree murder. At the penalty phase before the same jury, the prosecution produced eight witnesses, who testified about Pinholster's history… … Continue reading

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