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Estates errors: Common will drafting mistakes part 2

David Mills has seen his fair share of badly drafted wills. David says the legal profession’s fondness for one of the world’s historical languages often causes problems for testators and their beneficiaries. Mills says two Latin phrases: per stirpes and per capita; frequently appear in … Continue reading

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Court’s gatekeeper role in estates cases curbed by decision

Following a recent Ontario Superior Court decision, a “culture shift” in the estates bar may not be as dramatic as first expected, David Mills recently told AdvocateDaily.com. The post Court’s gatekeeper role in estates cases curbed by decision appeared first on … Continue reading

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Who Selects the Executor for Probate Estates in Illinois? | How is an Estate Administrator Determined in Illinois?

In this article, we will explain how the role of executor or estate administrator is determined in Illinois probate estates. For some foundational information, check out our previous articles: What is Probate?: An Introduction to Probate in Illinois and What … Continue reading

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Questions the Executor should ask the Estate’s Accountant

The house is sold, the estate’s debts and bills have all been paid, the accounting has been presented to the beneficiaries, they have signed off on the Release & Refunding Bonds, and now it’s time for the estate’s Executor or … Continue reading

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New Casebook Published: Wills, Trusts, and Estates: The Essentials

Reid Kress Weisbord, David Horton, Stephen K. Urice have recently published their new casebook entitled Wills, Trusts, and Estates: The Essentials. This casebook provides a unique platform for teaching Trusts and Estates as an accessible, engaging area of the law…. … Continue reading

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