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NEW US ESTATE TAX LAW BENEFITS CANADIANS – For A While                                   

The tax legislation passed by Congress last year is something of a 1950s pop love song to businesses: sweet but not very deep.  It will likely have little impact on Canadians unless they own and operate a US company.  Typically, … Continue reading

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Are You Missing Important Documents In Your Estate Plan?

Every estate plan is unique, but there are certain documents that everyone needs. People with very simple estates and life circumstances may be able to get by with just these minimum estate planning documents. Others will need more. Let’s start … Continue reading

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What California Real Estate Investors Should Know About Buying Apartment Buildings

Author: Staff Apartment buildings can be an excellent investment for California real estate investors. Factors like the size and style of the building, the type of units available, and of course, the location are all important. An apartment building owner can … Continue reading

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By Lane V. Erickson, Idaho Estate Planning Attorney We all love to watch the glitz and glitter in the lives of celebrities and envision our lives being similar to theirs. For some reason, many of us believe that celebrities have … Continue reading

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The Role of Life Insurance Proceeds in Your Estate Plan

When preparing an estate plan, clients are sometimes surprised to learn it is not as easy as giving instructions along the lines of “everything to my spouse then our children.” More often than not, these type of instructions need to … Continue reading

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