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Georgia Supreme Court Upholds $40M Award Against Chrysler in Fuel Tank Explosion Case, While Establishing Key Admissibility Tests Under State's Evidence Code 

Stock image.  Atlanta—The Georgia Supreme Court last month upheld a $40 million award against Chrysler for the death of a toddler in a Jeep fuel tank explosion, and in doing so outlined key elements in the state’s five-year-old Evidence Code. … Continue reading

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Establishing Fault in a Maryland Motorcycle Accident

While many Maryland motorcycle accidents are clearly the fault of one party or another, other accidents present more a complex situation. For example, if both of the drivers involved committed a traffic violation, it may be difficult to determine which … Continue reading

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Establishing an employee organization

Establishing an employee organizationDeclaratory ruling, 32 PERB 6601 Thinking of starting your own employee organization for the purpose of collective bargaining with a public employer? Then your next question should be: What does it take to be considered an employee … Continue reading

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Don't Despair: Even Without a Presumption of Irreparable Harm You Are Still Likely to Win a Preliminary Injunction in Copyright Litigation after Establishing a Likelihood of Infringement

Plaintiffs seeking a preliminary injunction in copyright or trademark infringement cases have long benefited from a presumption of irreparable harm that followed a showing of a likelihood of success on the merits. The presumption was a free pass; show success … Continue reading

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