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Establishing a Malicious Prosecution Claim

Sometimes plaintiffs sue for all the wrong reasons.  If a party sues an individual without a proper basis to bring suit, the party being sued may have a claim for malicious prosecution against the party who wrongfully filed suit.  Florida … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know about Establishing a 501(c)(3)

Section 501(c), under the United States Internal Revenue Code exempts non-profit organizations from federal taxes. Under this code, 27 types of non-profit organizations receive federal tax exemption. The majority of these fall under section 501(c)(3). When you hear the word “non-profit”, … Continue reading

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Establishing Prejudice in a LPTA Protest

  As I’ve covered here before, low-priced, technically acceptable procurements (LPTA) shine a light on a contractor’s ability to provide the required services at the lowest possible cost to the government.  Leave your style points at home.  It is all … Continue reading

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FCC Clarifies Deadlines for Repack Phase 1, Establishing Template for All Future Repack Phases

By Scott R. Flick, Lauren Lynch Flick and Warren Kessler Many thought the broadcast incentive auction was the most complex task ever undertaken by the FCC, but the ten-phase spectrum repack following the auction is running a close second.  The … Continue reading

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Establishing the Physician-Patient Relationship: Telemedicine Law Often Requires It, but What does this Mean?

Establishing the physician-patient relationship is often a requirement of state telemedicine law, but what does it mean that the physician has in fact “established” the physician-patient relationship? This seems like odd language, given that “establishing the physician-patient relationship” can range … Continue reading

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