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Medication Errors Common in ICU Transfers

A new report by Christiana Care Health System showed that medication errors occurred in 47 percent of ICU Transfers. The study which followed 985 patients at almost 60 different ICUs across the East Coast who were transferred from the ICU … Continue reading

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Estates errors: Common will drafting mistakes part 2

David Mills has seen his fair share of badly drafted wills. David says the legal profession’s fondness for one of the world’s historical languages often causes problems for testators and their beneficiaries. Mills says two Latin phrases: per stirpes and per capita; frequently appear in … Continue reading

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Medical Errors Are Deadlier Than You Think

At the hospital, you should feel safe, but recent reports suggest that the number of people who suffer maltreatment caused by medical errors is much higher than previously believed. When someone is injured or dies because of a medical error, … Continue reading

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How Often Does Medical Malpractice Occur Because of Medication and Prescription Errors?

Patients injured by prescription drug errors may be able to file medical malpractice claims for their injuries. Read more detail on Recent Products Liability posts –

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Lab Errors: These Mistakes Can Be Deadly

By Catherine Bertram An article in the Boston Globe last week, by Jonathan Salzman,  reports that a lawsuit has been filed by a patient who had surgery to remove his prostate after being told that he had prostate cancer.   … Continue reading

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