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Injured Fishermen Entitled to Punitive Damages in Cases of Unseaworthiness

In a precedent-setting case, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has ruled that injured fishermen and seamen are indeed entitled to punitive damages under maritime law unseaworthiness guidelines. In reaching this decision in the case of Batterton … Continue reading

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Interns Entitled to Overtime Pay Only if Certain Factors Met

Internships were designed as a way for students to get some hands-on training, experience, and make some connections, but employers often take advantage of this system to put students to work for free so they can avoid paying employees. Many … Continue reading

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Employees Are Entitled to Rest

Under California law, employees are entitled to rest breaks based on time worked.  Here are five things every employer and employee should know about employee rest breaks. Employees get 10-minute breaks based on time worked. Employees must be given 10-minute … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! New York Employees Are Now Entitled to Paid Family Leave

As of January 1, 2018, all New York employers, regardless of size, must offer paid family leave to their employees.  Hopefully, employers already have revised policies in anticipation of the law taking effect. If employers have not revised handbooks or … Continue reading

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Out-of-state employees injured or killed in Massachusetts may be entitled to higher Massachusetts workers' compensation benefits if injured while in the course of their employment in Massachusetts

In today's mobile economy it is not unusual for a person hired in the Midwest to be assigned temporarily to work out of state. While one might think that this limits such an employee to workers' compensation benefits for the … Continue reading

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