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Why Military Justice Doesn’t Get Enough Academic Attention

Rodrigo M. Caruço, In Order to Form a More Perfect Court: A Quantitative Measure of the Military’s Highest Court’s Success as a Court of Last Resort, 41 Vt. L. Rev. 71 (2016). Steve Vladeck The military justice system receives embarrassingly … Continue reading

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How Close is Not Close Enough?

Madeline Bugh While most art can be protected by copyright laws, if a “new” piece of art is too similar to an original piece, then it cannot be protected. The work of art, at the very least, must be “a … Continue reading

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Hot Enough Yet?

Two weeks ago, my family vacation took us past the self-proclaimed “world’s largest thermometer,” in Baker, California, which read 111 degrees when we visited it–the hottest air temperature my kids had ever felt.  Back at UCLA we’re feeling the heat … Continue reading

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Are You Showing Enough in an Offer of Proof?

When the opposing side objects to your evidence or the judge rules your evidence inadmissible, it’s time to make an offer of proof to encourage the court to admit the evidence or reconsider its ruling. Here’s a handy table illustrating … Continue reading

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When is a Will Not Enough?

Estate planning attorneys at The Law Office of Michael Robinson, P.C. can provide help with the creation of a comprehensive estate plan. Making an estate plan is important to ensure you have control over your legacy and have provided for your loved ones.  … Continue reading

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