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Case 'o The Week: Congress takes the First Step, Ninth takes the Second — Valencia-Mendoza and use of state priors as federal sentencing enhancements

The federal government of the United States just entered its longest shutdown in history.Federal courts will run out of money next week.Public defenders will soon join their CJA comrades and will be expected to mount vigorous, constitutionally-mandated defenses for our … Continue reading

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Policy Enhancements: Why They Aren’t Necessarily As Good As They Sound

In prior posts, we’ve talked before about the different types of disability insurance, including group disability insurance.  Group policies are a subset of disability policies that are often made available to members of professional organizations. With group policies, the organization … Continue reading

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CMS Provides High Level Overview of MSPRP and Insight into Future Enhancements

Yesterday, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), held an informative webinar to address the benefits of using the Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Portal (MSPRP), a web-based application for managing Medicare recovery cases (or conditional payments).  The webinar was … Continue reading

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CMS Releases Updated Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Portal User Guide Noting Enhancements to the Portal

CMS recently released an updated Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Portal (MSRP) user guide in the hopes to lead to some more efficient practices.  A summary of the updates is as follows:   To reduce the number of calls received by … Continue reading

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Exciting Enhancements to Quickscribe Online

Quickscribe is constantly improving and expanding their services, and today we're excited to note that two new contributors have joined the Quickscribe Online expert annotations team: Laura Johnston of the Community Legal Assistance Society  Philippa Estall of the Public Guardian and … Continue reading

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