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Attempts to Enforce “Humane” Treatment of Poultry Fail

** Foster Farms Prevail in Dismissing Class Action **                                                                … Continue reading

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Enforce your arbitration award right away or the debt may prescribe

An arbitration award does not create a new debt for purposes of prescription. Parties who wait more than one year to have an arbitration award made an order of court with a 30 year prescription period may find that, when … Continue reading

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Enforce This! Contract (as) Social Responsibility (Part 4)

A prior post made two basic points about the ABA’s Model Terms to protect human rights in the supply chain (Model Terms) as an example of “contract (as) social responsibility” (KSR): (i) they say nothing about substantive human rights standards … Continue reading

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OSHA to enforce some Beryllium Standards Starting Yesterday

62,000 workers including 11,500 construction and shipyard workers are exposed to beryllium in their workplace according to OSHA estimates. Beryllium is a metal used in many applications and industry including medical specialties, aerospace, defense, telecommunications and automotive electronics. Workers who … Continue reading

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Court Refuses to Enforce Arbitration Agreement in Recent Nursing Home Case

Over the past few years, Maryland nursing home arbitration agreements have become very common. Essentially, an arbitration agreement is a contractual term between the resident and the nursing home in which the parties agree that, in the event a claim … Continue reading

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