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Combating Enemies Online: State-Sponsored and Terrorist Use of the Internet

New report from Heritage Foundation: “Even before the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, security experts were becoming increasingly concerned about the vulnerability of U.S. computer systems and associated infrastructure. The 9/11 attacks amplified these concerns. Less attention, however, has… … Continue reading

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The perilous life of computer virus cracker making powerful enemies online

BBC: “Fabian is world renowned for destroying ransomware – the viruses sent out by criminal gangs to extort money. Because of this, he lives a reclusive existence, always having to be one step ahead of the cyber criminals. He has … Continue reading

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The Sex Assault Avengers: The Enemies and a Superpower

Is it any wonder that Avengers: Infinity War has set records at the box office as you can see here and here. It’s about evil characters so strong that all of Marvel Comic’s favorite Avenger superheroes must join forces. Good … Continue reading

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Software Piracy Fight Makes Enemies (WashPost)

“An analysis by The Associated Press reveals that targeting small businesses is a lucrative strategy for the Business Software Alliance, the main global copyright-enforcement watchdog for such companies as Microsoft Corp., Adobe Systems Inc. and Symantec Corp. Of the $13 … Continue reading

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With Friends Like These, Gonzales Doesnt Need More Enemies

So far to me the most memorable moment of D. Kyle Sampsons testimony today before the Senate Judiciary Committee wasnt his stark and damning statement that his former boss, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, was far more involved in the U.S. … Continue reading

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