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Google Employees Say They Faced Retaliation After Organizing Walkout

Two Google workers who called for an employee protest over the company’s treatment of sexual harassment said they were demoted or told their role would change. Read more detail on Recent Business Law posts –

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Considering the strong policy of including all public employees within the ambit of the Taylor Law, authority to designate certain employees managerial or confidential is to be read narrowly

For the purposes of Article 14 of the Civil Service Law, the Taylor Law, the term "public employee" means any person holding a position by appointment or employment in the service of a public employer except:[1] judges and justices of … Continue reading

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Five misunderstandings about disciplining employees

In working with employers are various sizes, backgrounds, sophistication, and industries, I’ve seen a lot of confusion and simple misunderstandings about what constitutes employee discipline and how to properly document employee performance issues or discipline.  This Friday’s Five reviews five … Continue reading

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New Law Prohibits Employees of Agencies Providing Residential Services from Serving as Guardians for Disabled Adults in Illinois

In this Learn About Law article, we discuss HB 4686, a new law that came into effect this year that bans the appointment of guardians who are employees of agencies that provide residential services. Read more detail on Recent Estate … Continue reading

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Supplemental Military Leave: benefits for officers and employees of the State of New York as the employer

NO HEARING SCHEDULEDThis proposed amendment to the Attendance Rules for Employees in New York State Departments and Institutions is a consensus rule making amending 4 NYCRR 21.15 and 4 NYCRR 28-1.17 to extend the availability of supplemental military leave benefits … Continue reading

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