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Terminating a "long-time" provisional employee

A long-term provisional employee, told his employer was implementing a plan to come into substantial compliance with New York State Civil Service Law §65, failed to apply to take relevant civil service examination. Ultimately terminated, the individual sued contending that … Continue reading

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Michigan Employer Did not Violate Family Medical Leave Act by Investigating Employee Conduct

Often when an employee exercises rights under federal or Michigan laws, any subsequent discipline becomes the first domino in a subsequent retaliation claim. But a recent appeal from a Michigan federal district court shows that does not have to be. … Continue reading

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Wal-Mart to Pay Employee $750,000 in Moral & Punitive Damages

While employers in Ontario have a right to terminate their employees, there is also a requirement that the termination is done in good faith. If employees are treated poorly by their employer during the course of their termination, there can … Continue reading

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Is a Georgia Employer Liable for an Off-Premises Employee Shooting?

In 2014, Georgia enacted the Business Security and Employee Privacy Act (BSEPA), more popularly known as the “Bring Your Guns to Work” law. The purpose of this law is to prevent private and public employers in Georgia from restricting the … Continue reading

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IG Audit finds continues flaws in OPM security of federal employee data

NextGov: “The Office of Personnel Management inspector general again found flaws in the agency’s contracting for the credit monitoring and ID theft services it provides to the more than 21.5 million current, former and prospective federal employees affected by the … Continue reading

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