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Embryos are Property, Not Persons, at Least in Ohio

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports on the case here. An excerpt: An appellate court Thursday ruled against a couple seeking a legal declaration that their embryos lost in a freezer malfunction last year were living persons and should have been … Continue reading

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Ohio Appellate Court Rules Frozen Embryos Are Not “Persons”

The Eighth District Court of Appeals of Ohio recently ruled that frozen embryos are “not capable of independent survival” and “not considered to be persons under the law.” [See Penniman v. Univ. Hosps. Health Sys., Inc., 2019-Ohio-1673.]  The case is … Continue reading

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Gene Editing of Human Embryos Prompts Calls For Regulation

Scientists now have the ability to manipulate the DNA of human embryos in ways that could allow them to eliminate genetic diseases, such as hemophilia, from a child’s genes before birth. This type of gene editing has the potential to … Continue reading

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A Legal Battle Over Frozen Embryos in China

It is not uncommon for people nowadays to seek out assisted reproductive technology, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), to conceive children. The technology allows freezing the embryos created through IVF for use at a later date, when for example fertility may … Continue reading

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Resolving Disputes Between Divorcing New York Spouses Regarding the Outcome of Unused Frozen Embryos

Today, the definition of “family” is wider-ranging than it’s ever been before. Along with that truth is the connected fact that the issues faced by the courts and couples going through divorce and other family law issues span a broader … Continue reading

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