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Former San Jose Man Indicted In $9 Million Tesla Embezzlement Scheme

Embezzlement charges are a serious matter. Stealing from your employer and diverting funds into your own or even other accounts can leave you facing serious criminal penalties in California. If the amount you are accused of misappropriating is large enough … Continue reading

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Embezzlement defense – Fairfax Virginia criminal lawyer

Embezzlement is not limited to employee misdeeds, says Virginia criminal lawyer. Embezzlement in Virginia is defined as wrongfully and fraudulently using, disposing, or concealing any valuables "received for another or for his employer." Va. Code § 18.2-111 Embezzlement is a … Continue reading

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The COPYKAT: "Faceswap" for the Statue of Liberty, trade wars, and embezzlement

It's been an exciting few weeks for copyright around the world. This CopyKat takes a look at three "David vs Goliath" disputes, in which parties (respectively) include the US Government, Fifa and an 8 year-old boy, and one of Africa's largest … Continue reading

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General Manager of Anaheim Company Accused of Embezzlement

On June 6, an executive at a company in Anaheim was arrested on suspicion of embezzlement that reportedly took place over the span of seven or more years. He is now facing several felony charges for the allegations. Jeffrey Joseph … Continue reading

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Embezzlement Charges Snare School Official, Priest in San Jose

Embezzlement is often associated with corporate America, in which a greedy CEO or company officer absconds to a foreign country with profits or investor funds. However, criminal charges of embezzlement apply in any situation in which you are accused of stealing … Continue reading

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