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General Manager of Anaheim Company Accused of Embezzlement

On June 6, an executive at a company in Anaheim was arrested on suspicion of embezzlement that reportedly took place over the span of seven or more years. He is now facing several felony charges for the allegations. Jeffrey Joseph … Continue reading

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Embezzlement Charges Snare School Official, Priest in San Jose

Embezzlement is often associated with corporate America, in which a greedy CEO or company officer absconds to a foreign country with profits or investor funds. However, criminal charges of embezzlement apply in any situation in which you are accused of stealing … Continue reading

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16 Separate Claims of Embezzlement Treated as a Single Related Claim

Not all courts read policies with a blind eye or with a goal of maximizing coverage. In Continental Casualty Company v. Howard Hoffman and Associates, 2011 IL App (1st) 100957 (August 15, 2011),sixteen different probate estates filed claims against a … Continue reading

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Facing Embezzlement Charges in Michigan and Dealing With the Emotional Implications

It wasn't that long ago that I wrote a 2-part article about the increasing number of Embezzlement cases that I am handling. As I noted in that article, the increase in my Practice mirrors a larger trend beyond the doors … Continue reading

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Southfield Criminal Defense Lawyer Predicts That Charges Of Embezzlement and Using A Computer To Commit A Crime Will Be Dismissed Due to Expiration Of The Statute Of Limitations

If you find yourself repeating, from time to time, the following phrase: "Now, where did I put that $100,000.00 again"? You may be in serious need of a good to-do list. And don't forget to remember to remind yourself that … Continue reading

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