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Elizabeth Warren and Debate Over Medical Bankruptcy

From The New York Times: Elizabeth Warren is still sparring with academics over a paper she published in 2005. The latest round came on Wednesday, in The New England Journal of Medicine, where she and her co-authors critiqued a recent… … Continue reading

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Disgraced Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes indicted on criminal charges

Enlarge / Founder & CEO of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes. (credit: Getty | Gilbert Carrasquillo) Federal prosecutors have indicted Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes and the company’s former president Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani with nine counts of wire fraud and two counts of … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren's stealth campaign to overcome her 'Pocahontas' problem

When Elizabeth Warren made a surprise appearance at a Native American event about two weeks ago, it was clear she was looking to clear up a problem ahead of a possible presidential run. Today, Politico reports that appearance wasn’t the … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Evicted Elizabeth Warren from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau | The Weekly Standard

New Yorkers will recognize the CFPB story as the classic narrative of a rent-controlled apartment. Democrats passed a law that made it nearly impossible to evict the bureau’s director, illegally installed a family member, and pocketed his under-the-table kickbacks for … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren: Entrepreneurs Should Pay More Taxes, are Indebted to Government

William Jacobson blogs about some very telling comments made by Elizabeth Warren, the ex-Obama administration member who is now seeking the Democrat's nomination to run against Republican Senator Scott Brown in the 2012 Massachusett's Senate election: The progressives are in … Continue reading

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