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Eight Tracks and Cassettes

It's difficult to pick up any periodical dealing with the practice of law these days without reading about some new trend that is going to revolutionize the relationship of law firms and their clients. Whether talking about legal project management, … Continue reading

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Eight Years!

I started this blog on Sept 15, 2003. And it's still going despite everything. If you are a regular reader and haven't done so already, please take a minute and tell me a little about yourself. And thanks for stopping … Continue reading

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Four more reasons for inactivity by general counsel regarding law firms costs, building on eight earlier reasons

In the view of Jordan Furlong 30 months ago, for three reasons general counsel balk at making major changes against law firms (See my post of Feb. 19, 2009: seven reasons why law departments do not take dramatic action.) 1…. … Continue reading

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Eight More Pardons for Those Who Don't Need Them

It was early Friday morning (or late Thursday night, depending on how you count these things), that I wrote about how the majority of the judges on the 11th Circuit told Ezell Gilbert that it really was a shame that … Continue reading

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Reason Number Eight Zillion Why the USA Is a Great Place

"Equal Justice Under Law" is the motto inscribed above the entrance to the Supreme Court. It is also the object of relentless derision from those who view the American criminal justice system with contempt. To them, the system is simply … Continue reading

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