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How a Spouse’s “Contributions and Efforts” Factor into a Court’s Equitable Distribution Analysis in New York

New York is an equitable distribution state. Thus, when it comes to dividing up a couple’s assets in a New York divorce case, the court will consider a number of factors. However, before the court gets to the point of … Continue reading

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Notable efforts to expand reach and application of New Jersey's medical marijuana program

The great state of New Jersey has been the focal point for a lot of interesting debate over recreational marijuana reform this year. But as that debate continues, the state's new Governor has announced here a new effort to "expands … Continue reading

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Turkey Rules: Cultural Heritage Protection Efforts Explained

By Merve Stolzman* Turkey undisputedly possesses a rich cultural heritage. Seventeen of its historic sites are on the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (“UNESCO”) World Heritage List.  This list includes Cappadocia, and, most recently, the temple of Aphrodisias … Continue reading

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State efforts to impose work requirements for Medicaid benefits is subject of lawsuit

Under the federal Medicaid statute 42 USC 1396__ there is a provision called “Section 1115 waiver” which is designed to enable States to try out variations on their Medicaid programs to reach broader segments of the population. The pertinent section … Continue reading

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New Brookings paper takes close lookat Uruguay's recreational marijuana reform efforts

At Brookings, John Hudak, Geoff Ramsey, and John Walsh have produced this notable new report on a notable marijuana reform effort in South America. The 24-page report it titled "Uruguay’s cannabis law: Pioneering a new paradigm," and here is its … Continue reading

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