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[Eugene Volokh] Duty to Retreat from One's Home, When Attacked by a Cohabitant?

Wyoming is one of the few Western states that recognizes a "duty to retreat" — i.e., provides that people lose their rights to deadly self-defense when they can avoid the threat to life or limb with perfect safety by fleeing. … Continue reading

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What Is Duty Of Care And What Does It Mean For Your Medical Malpractice Case?

If you are bringing a medical malpractice lawsuit, the first thing you must establish is that the doctor had a “duty of care” to you. Here’s what this legal concept means and how it can affect your case. Doctor’s Duty … Continue reading

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California Court Discusses Hotel’s Duty to Guest in Recent Personal Injury Case

Earlier this month, an appellate court issued a written opinion in a California premises liability case requiring the court to discuss under which circumstances a person who attempts to come to the aid of another person, but fails to help … Continue reading

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Couple Indicted for Using Active Duty Military Members in California to Defraud TRICARE

Jimmy and Ashley Collins, a married couple from Tennessee, have been charged with operating a health care fraud scheme that unlawfully caused TRICARE to reimburse more than $65 million in funds. TRICARE is the federal health care program for U.S. … Continue reading

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Tennessee Couple and Utah Pharmacy Indicted in San Diego Federal Court for $65 Million TRICARE Fraud Allegations Relating to Compounded Medications Mailed to Active Duty Military

Compounded medication cases continue to be filed by federal and state prosecutors. A case filed two weeks ago in San Diego (a military town) involves recruiting active military duty patients, a Utah pharmacy that shipped compounded medications, and a medical … Continue reading

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