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Four Ways to Present Reaffirmation Agreements During Bankruptcy

Offering a reaffirmation agreement to a debtor going through Chapter 7 bankruptcy can allow a secured creditor to receive close to full value on debts for real and personal property. As part of a Chapter 7 debt discharge, a secured … Continue reading

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Six Tips to Combat Insomnia During Your Divorce

Going through a stressful divorce can cause you to develop insomnia. Your thoughts are dominated by worries of how you will settle your divorce and what your life will be like afterward. It can be difficult to turn those thoughts off once it … Continue reading

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Passenger Rights During A Traffic Stop in Illinois | Do Passengers in a Traffic Stop Need to Show ID?

In this article, we explain passenger rights in a traffic stop in Illinois. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that passengers in a vehicle which has been stopped by police have been “seized” for purposes of asserting their fourth … Continue reading

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Property Owner’s Liability During Winter Weather

By J.A. Sowell, AttorneyEnglish, Lucas, Priest and Owsley, LLP Snow is beautiful when you’re tucked inside with hot chocolate and have nowhere to go. But that’s not the case for most of us. You may have a doctor’s appointment, work … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Privacy During a Minnesota Bankruptcy

One of the main concerns our clients have about filing for bankruptcy in Minnesota is the protection of their privacy. Read more detail on Recent Bankruptcy posts –

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