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New Cannabis Laws May Help Black War on Drugs’ Targets a Leg Up on Legal Pot

California is one of the first states to attempt to make right decades of racist drug policies that tore apart families and and destroyed lives. When the voters approved a ballot measure for recreational marijuana, they also allowed those with … Continue reading

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10 Most Dangerous Drugs Prescribed By Doctors

Research from Johns Hopkins suggests that medical errors constitute the third most common cause of death in the United States. Prescription errors account for far too many of these deaths, with a few drugs, in particular, responsible for a shocking … Continue reading

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Passengers Arrested Reportedly Trying to Smuggle Drugs onto Allure of the Seas for Atlantis Cruise

Two men reportedly trying to board the Allure of the Seas at PortMiami on Sunday were arrested by federal agents for possession of a large quantity of drugs which they were intending to sell on the cruise ship. Local 10 News reports … Continue reading

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Reforming Regulation to Promote Medical Use of Psychedelic Drugs

Every day, millions of Americans struggle with mental illness and opioid addiction. More than 6 percent of adults suffer from depression, and about 1 percent have been diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), a condition associated with anxiety. Meanwhile, the opioid … Continue reading

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Cruise Lines Have Zero Tolerance Policy on Marijuana, Illegal Drugs and Banned Substances

Recent cruise ship news headlines have featured drug busts. Remember the two British senior citizens who were smuggling roughly 20 pounds of cocaine on a Marco Polo cruise ship around the Caribbean? Or the 14 passengers who were waiting to … Continue reading

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