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Judge Holds Auto Mechanic Not Covered by Insurance Policy When Test Driving Customer’s Vehicle

As a general rule in Georgia, your auto insurance policy’s liability coverage follows you rather than your vehicle. In other words, if you borrow a friend’s car and get into an accident that injures the other driver, your liability policy … Continue reading

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The Sentence for Impaired Driving in Georgia

Road deaths are rising nationwide and impaired driving in Georgia remains a major cause of deaths. More than 1,500 people lost their lives in Georgia in 2016. Across the United States, 40,200 people were killed in accidents making 2016 the … Continue reading

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Too Many Deaths Due to Drowsy Driving Accidents

Every year, nearly 72,000 vehicle accidents are caused by drowsy drivers. Further studies have shown that getting less than four hours of sleep increases an individual’s crash rate by 11.5 times. Despite these alarming statistics, many drivers continue to get … Continue reading

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Dad Driving with Sons Accused of DUI After Collision with Train

A father who was driving with his two teenage sons just after midnight on Wednesday was allegedly responsible for an accident when he made impact with a train in Santa Monica, and he is facing felony charges for the event. … Continue reading

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Report: Auto Accidents “Typical of Texting and Driving” are On the Rise in Florida

In February, the South Florida Sun Sentinel published a report in which it concluded that, “an analysis of 3 million crashes [indicates] that collisions typical of texting and driving are increasing at a staggering rate.” The report examined five types … Continue reading

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