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Digging for gold on your hard drive

You have a list. People who know who you are and are willing to listen to what you say. If you call them, they’ll talk to you. If you write, they’ll read your letter or email. If you meet them … Continue reading

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Nudging American Drivers To Drive More Safely Might Slash Staggering Motor Vehicle Death Toll

Improving road safety among drivers is a matter of psychology — traffic psychology. An entirely new psychology discipline — traffic psychology — has emerged from the need to understand why drivers act the way they do behind the wheel despite … Continue reading

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Singapore launches an ambitious blueprint to drive Singapore Port as the future global maritime hub

On 12 January 2018, Singapore’s Minister of State for Transport, Lam Pin Min, launched Singapore’s new “Sea Transport Industry Transformation Map.” Considering the maritime industry’s pivotal role in Singapore’s economy, and the fierce competition between global ports, Singapore’s government is … Continue reading

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Re-assessing the “drive” to measure learning outcomes

A recent NY Times editorial, “The Misguided Drive to Measure ‘Learning Outcomes” by Molly Worthen, prompted revisiting the purpose-driven nature of what are labeled “educational” trends and this trend in particular – especially as it relates to legal education. Although … Continue reading

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“ILY: Hang Up and Drive” at Roanoke Children’s Theatre March 1-2

The Roanoke Children’s Theatre is reaching out to educate the members of the community in its upcoming production”ILY: Hang Up and Drive”.  In case you aren’t aware, ILY is shorthand in the texting world for “I Love You” .  The … Continue reading

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