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The Most Expensive Drink of My Life: The Consequences of Underage Drinking

“I’ll never get caught.” This is the invincible mindset of most young people who engage in underage drinking. Because of that mentality, the mental calculation of the consequences of getting charged with underage drinking isn’t considered. Combating underage drinking begins … Continue reading

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U.S. Waterways Are Getting Saltier, With Possible Effects on Drinking Water

Science: U.S. rivers are getting saltier, potentially compromising drinking water: “The bomb cyclone that hit the northeastern United States last week left roadways and vehicles caked in a white film of road salt and grime. Those salts might be washing … Continue reading

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When Unsafe Drinking Water Hits Home

Yesterday morning I brewed some tea, and then saw a newspaper story revealing that my town's water supply "contained high levels of lead," nearly "six times the national standard." Letters of warning has been sent out to residents, but I… … Continue reading

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UK ASA: Do Drinking and Humor Mix? Yes, but…

Last week the UK's advertising watchdog, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), cleared a TV ad by supermarket chain Aldi Stores Ltd despite numerous complaints about its light-hearted portrayal of alcohol consumption. The ad featured an elderly woman sitting at a … Continue reading

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Chicago DUI Attorney Comments on Drinking and Driving

This Chicago DUI attorney thinks its time to remind you that it is not illegal to consume alcohol and then drive. Have you ever had beer at a game and then driven home afterwards? How about a glass of wine … Continue reading

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