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Young Lawyers: Dream Big Dreams and Take Action

Harry Chapin wrote and sang a song: As Dreams Go By. I urge you to listen to the lyrics. It is the story of a couple who had dreams about their future but never acted on those dreams. Near the end … Continue reading

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But in that sleep what dreams of liability may come?

When you sue a competitor for false advertising, be prepared to get sued back.  In this pair of opinions, most of the parties’ claims against each other survived, paving the way for a messy trial.GhostBed, Inc. v. Casper Sleep, Inc., 2018 … Continue reading

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"Rich Lee, a grinder with dreams of turning his pelvis into a cyborgian vibrator, is in the front row."

"After he and his wife divorced in 2015, she sued for custody of their children. Mr. Lee has magnets inside his ears which act as headphones; shortly after his divorce, he attempted to implant his shins with foam armor, which … Continue reading

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Don’t give up on your dreams because of your divorce

As a divorced-divorce lawyer, I know firsthand that divorce can knock the wind out of your sails, and kick you when you’re down. Over the last thirty years, I’ve been engaged, married, divorced, and cohabited. I made the decisions to end … Continue reading

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Humorist Hopes to Inspire GCs to Live Their Dreams

Need to clean out your law department? It may be time to bring in a consultant humorist: Sean Carter, a Harvard-educated lawyer and self-styled legal humorist who will be speaking to the Association of Corporate Counsel Georgia on Dec. 11 … Continue reading

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