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Medical Condition Prompts Coast Guard to Remove Carnival Dream Passenger From Boat

Dramatic video posted by the United States Coast Guard shows the medevac of a Carnival Dream cruise ship passenger who was removed from the vessel on Monday, May 13. The passenger, a 57-year-old man, was taken from the ship after … Continue reading

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Copyright Case: Sprint Electric Ltd v Buyer’s Dream Ltd, United Kingdom

Stavroula KarapapaA software development company was held to own the copyright in source code authored by its sole programmer on the basis that the relationship between the parties was one of employer and employee. Case date: 30 July 2018 Case … Continue reading

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House Democrats Introduce Dream and Promise Act 2019

Flickr: mollyktadams House Democrats are making a move to help Dreamers achieve permanent residence. A new bill dubbed HR 6, the Dream and Promise Act, seeks to provide undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children, the opportunity … Continue reading

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Young Lawyers: Dream Big Dreams and Take Action

Harry Chapin wrote and sang a song: As Dreams Go By. I urge you to listen to the lyrics. It is the story of a couple who had dreams about their future but never acted on those dreams. Near the end … Continue reading

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Discovering your dream job while in law school

Admittedly, before I enrolled in law school, I shared the view of many lay people of what lawyers do for work: That is, they go to the courtroom and argue for their clients. It did not take long to realize … Continue reading

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