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Federal Agents at the Door: Legal Representation

Your company is under investigation. You hire outside counsel to debrief your employees about the allegations. But are the interviews privileged? Do you have to provide each employee with his or her own attorney? The fourth episode of Matthew D. … Continue reading

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Seventh Circuit Upholds Illinois’ ZEC Program and Leaves the Door Open for State Subsidization of Generation

On September 13, 2018, in Electric Power Supply Association v. Star (Case No. 17-2433 and 17-2445), the Seventh Circuit upheld a district court decision finding that Illinois’ zero emissions credit (ZEC) program (i.e., its nuclear subsidy) was not preempted by … Continue reading

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Federal Agents at the Door: Preserving Evidence

Your company is under investigation. Or maybe you suspect it will be in the future. What should you do with its computer files, documents and other potential evidence? Here’s a hint: step away from the paper shredder. In episode three … Continue reading

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Florida Opens Door To Military Spouse Practice

The Florida Supreme Court has adopted new rules to facilitate practice by military spouses we adopt these proposed amendments to the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar and the Rules of the Supreme Court Relating to Admissions to the Bar. The… … Continue reading

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Appeals Court Opens the Door to Reinstate Guardrail Lawsuit Against GDOT

Guardrail accidents have gained increasing public attention in recent years. A guardrail is supposed to help a vehicle absorb the impact of a collision, but in far too many cases, it is the guardrail that causes serious injury or death. … Continue reading

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