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Sperm Donor Denied Parental Rights

From USA Today: BINGHAMTON, N.Y. — A married same-sex Chemung County couple can rebuff an effort by a sperm donor to exert parental rights on the daughter born as a result of the arrangement. A midlevel New York appeals court… … Continue reading

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Who is the true donor of this gift?  CRA 3 minute video

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UPDATE: NJ Drops Donor Designation Rule Proposal

Yesterday I blogged about a New Jersey proposal to enhance donor designation of charitable contributions, perhaps unconstitutionally. Later yesterday, the NonProfit Times reported that New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs has dropped the proposal, apparently in response to comments highlighting… … Continue reading

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A Struggle to Find a Kidney Donor – A Story of Altruism

Sally Satel, Desperately Seeking a Kidney, NYTimes.com, Dec. 16, 2007, tells a moving story about her search for a kidney donor. Many friends and a stranger offered to become donors, but eventually all of them backed out. As the author’s… … Continue reading

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Swift Boat Donor Funds Anti-Huckabee Tax Ads in Iowa

From the Associated Press: Anti-Tax Group Has Help Against Huckabee, by Jim Kuhnhenn: A conservative anti-tax group Wednesday expanded its ad campaign against Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, helped by a major GOP donor who bankrolled ads that questioned Democrat… … Continue reading

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