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She don't lie, but the pharmaco might: cocaine false advertising case continues

Genus Lifesciences Inc. v. Lannett Company, Inc., 2019 WL 1981186, No. 18-cv-07603-WHO (N.D. Cal. May 3, 2019)Genus competes with Lannett in the market for cocaine hydrochloride nasal spray. It sued Lannett for false advertising and maintaining a monopoly related to … Continue reading

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Don't fall for it

Life can be a real grind, can't it?  Get to work 10 hour days, get to pay taxes to work, get to work overtime (whether you get paid for it, is another story), get to pay a mortgage (or rent, … Continue reading

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"We don't agree on all issues; I consider myself a political independent, while he's a solid Democrat."

"But I've spent hours and hours having civil discussions of politics and policy with him, not on social media but in person, one on one. For years, we worked closely together on a monthly student publication in high school. So … Continue reading

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Don't forget your pen

I know you're out there. Those who walk into law libraries with a huge chip on your shoulder complaining that no one will help you and that the whole world is out to get you.  So mad as hornets, you … Continue reading

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Texas court finds economic development corporations don't receive governmental immunity from suit

A recent case out of Texas, Rosenberg Development Corp. v. Imperial Performing Arts, Inc., No. 17-0660, tackles the question of whether economic development corporations are protected by the sovereign immunity doctrine, concluded that they are not. Interesting for its analysis… … Continue reading

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