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Domestic Violence – Let’s Look at the Local Statistics!

Domestic Violence – No More Silence The number of reported domestic violence cases has dramatically increased over the years since the domestic violence statute went into effect in Ohio in 1978. These numbers shocked me, even as a divorce lawyer … Continue reading

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Facing a Domestic Violence Case Far from Your Florida Home? Don’t Ignore It; Take Strong Action to Protect Yourself

If you find yourself in the stressful and likely frightening situation of facing a domestic violence case in some faraway state where you’ve not lived for many years (or never lived at all), you have several options. One option is … Continue reading

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Bar Discipline For Domestic Violence Conviction

The web page of the Georgia Supreme Court announces its anticipated opinions for next Monday. Among the disciplinary matters slated for release is a case described by the Aiken Standard After former S.C. lawmaker Chris Corley pleaded guilty to a… … Continue reading

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431. Mating habits of the domestic judge, Pennsylvania version

Pennsylvanias Judge C. Joseph Rehkamp was foolish enough to drink the water at the Luzerne County Courthouse, that ill-proportioned lump of architectural notions, when he was persuaded to venture down from his roost in Perry County to fill in for … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence Offender Website?

“Web sites that promise to give the dirt on prospective dates abound. A guy has a roving eye? Look him up on DontDateHimGirl.com. But a California lawmaker says the background checks can be far more serious. The lawmaker, Assemblywoman Fiona… … Continue reading

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