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Why have a document retention policy?

The current digital age has made it easier for companies to retain an enormous volume of documents – significantly more than a company could have afforded to keep before the advent of electronic record-keeping. In response, companies have sought to … Continue reading

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SEC Enforcement Director Responds to Senator Grassley's Inquiry on Document Retention for Matters Under Inquiry

Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) is engaged in a discussion with the SEC over whether the agency for years destroyed investigative documents inappropriately or illegally. Prompted by an agency whistleblower, Senator Grassley, Ranking Member on the Judiciary Committee, is communicating with … Continue reading

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Salt of the Earth, Part I: Need a Document, No Problem, Right?

How often have you seen on an AALL list or an AALL chapter list, a request like one of the following: Can someone please send me — WL [unpublished opinion no.]? or Lexis [unpublished opinion no.]? or __ ALR __… … Continue reading

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Jumbled Document Production Equals $74,809 In Sanctions

We lawyers may want to keep this case handy to drop into a meet-and-confer letter to send to opposing counsel/party who plays discovery games and to warn our own clients that such games can be costly. Read more detail on … Continue reading

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Disclaimers and Family Settlement Agreements as Possible Solutions to Election Out and Document Construction Problems

S. Alan Medlin, F. Ladson Boyle, and Howard M. Zaritsky, 2010: It Was A Very Good Year . . . To Die-Or Was It?, 45 Real Prop. Tr. & Est. L.J. 589 (2011). Michael Yu In this comprehensive article, the … Continue reading

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