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A DMCA Section 512(f) Case Survives Dismissal–ISE v. Longarzo (Catch-up Post)

I’m blogging this case now, even though it came out a few months ago, because we see so few 512(f) cases that make any progress at all. At its core, the litigants dispute ownership over a TV show, “The Weekend … Continue reading

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DMCA Safe Harbor Applies to Some Unfair Competition Claims–Capitol Records v. Vimeo

You probably remember this case. Copyright owners sued the video hosting site Vimeo for third party uploaded videos that allegedly infringed their copyrights. Given this was the paradigmatic situation the DMCA safe harbor was designed to address, you’d think this … Continue reading

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DMCA claim by khara. inc. for Evangelion Children Enamel Pins

To: Kickstarter, PBC From: Anime Limited Read more detail on Recent Copyright posts –

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9 Cir: Ventura Content v Motherless, Inc. – DMCA Safe Harbor

Justia’s summary: The Ninth Circuit affirmed the district court’s summary judgment for defendants and its order denying attorneys’ fees in a copyright case alleging infringement of pornographic content. The panel held that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s safe harbor applied … Continue reading

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Cox Loses DMCA Safe Harbor but Gets a New Trial on Contributory Infringement–BMG v. Cox

BMG sued Cox for the alleged copyright infringement of its users. The court described Cox’s “graduated” policy for terminating subscribers: The first notice alleging a subscriber’s infringement produces no action from Cox. The second through seventh notices result in warning emails … Continue reading

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