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Cox Loses DMCA Safe Harbor but Gets a New Trial on Contributory Infringement–BMG v. Cox

BMG sued Cox for the alleged copyright infringement of its users. The court described Cox’s “graduated” policy for terminating subscribers: The first notice alleging a subscriber’s infringement produces no action from Cox. The second through seventh notices result in warning emails … Continue reading

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U.S. Copyright Office Issues Final Reminder to Re-Register DMCA Agents in Electronic System

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Reminder: (Re)Register Your DMCA Agents Before December 31st

Before I head off for a holiday break from the site, I wanted to quickly remind everyone that, if you have a site where users can upload content, you need to register a DMCA agent before the end of the … Continue reading

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DMCA Takedown Notice (Tweet)

To: Twitter From: – Read more detail on Recent Copyright posts –

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Online Service Providers: Register Your DMCA Agent By December 31 or Lose Your Safe Harbor

Pictured above: OSP Losing DMCA Safe Harbor Protection Off Nantucket, William Bradford, ca. 1860, courtesy Met Museum of Art. At the end of last year, the U.S. Copyright Office implemented a new online registration system for DMCA agent designations which … Continue reading

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