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Cultural Property Dispute Between Sweden and …

Amidst all of the earth-shaking news about the governor of New York, its easy to miss this: todays New York Times brings news of a dispute over 350 year old spoils of war captured by Sweden from Denmark–but in a… … Continue reading

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‘Diverse neutrals’ in dispute resolution and ABA 113’s impact on young lawyers and law students

What do you automatically think of when you think of a lawyer? Aside from “Law & Order,” perhaps it’s a jury, judge, witnesses, or prosecutor. Despite the courtroom images associated with lawyers in news and modern media, dispute resolution in … Continue reading

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Name Change of a Minor in Texas After Paternity Dispute

By Kelly McClure In a recent Texas paternity decision, the court considered the name change of a minor. The child’s mother and father married in 2012. The mother was a real estate agent and kept using her original last name … Continue reading

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Failure to Maintain Insurance Exclusion Precludes Coverage for Defense Costs Incurred in a Lapsed Life Insurance Dispute

In a recent insurance coverage lawsuit arising out of an underlying dispute over who was responsible for the lapse of a key man life insurance policy, a court determined that coverage for the attorneys’ fees a management consulting firm incurred … Continue reading

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 Alternative Dispute Resolution: Basic Ideals, Principles, and Tools

Despite your best efforts, you and your partner have decided that divorce is the best option. However, you also intend to remain on good terms as you move on with your lives. Alternative dispute resolution may provide the framework you … Continue reading

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