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Unjust Dismissal – A Powerful Remedy for Dismissed Employees in the Federal Sector

For most dismissed employees in Canada, a wrongful dismissal lawsuit is the best way to get a proper severance package if negotiations fail.  Fortunately, most employers are willing to provide or negotiate reasonable arrangements, so litigation is not always a … Continue reading

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District Court Grants Supplemental Motion for Award of Attorneys’ Fees after Federal Circuit Affirms Dismissal on Appeal

After the district court dismissed plaintiff’s patent infringement claims, finding the patents directed to patent-ineligible subject matter, and awarded attorneys’ fees based on the exceptional case doctrine, the Federal Circuit affirmed both determinations. The defendant filed a supplemental motion for … Continue reading

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New York Court Upholds Dismissal of Malpractice Claim As Untimely

When it comes to personal injury and wrongful death litigation, time is of the essence. If a New York medical malpractice lawsuit is not filed on within the statute of limitations, it has very little chance of ever being considered … Continue reading

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Dismissal of review in takings case restored precedential effect of Court of Appeal opinion

When the Supreme Court dismissed review in Bottini v. City of San Diego last week, it missed an opportunity to make law on what regulatory action constitutes a taking, for which a government must give just compensation.  But, as appellate … Continue reading

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Jussie Smollett's Case Dismissal Is an example of Identity Politics. | City Journal

The expunging of the 16-count felony indictment against actor Jussie Smollett for faking a hate crime against himself is being treated as a manifestation of Chicago-machine politics, whereby the politically well-connected enjoy a different standard of justice than everyone else. … Continue reading

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