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5 Common Misunderstandings about Thyroid Disease

The verdict on thyroid disease remains debatable. This is because the condition is surrounded by a web of confusion and not everyone understands its triggers or treatments well. Even though thyroid disease is a somewhat common phenomenon, recommended treatment may … Continue reading

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I Heard A Lawyer On TV Talk About A “Shaker Case” Of Mesothelioma. Is That A Different Form Of The Disease?

No, so-called “shaker cases” describe mesothelioma in a spouse, or sometimes in the children, of a person who worked in an asbestos-contaminated facility, and brought asbestos fibers home on their clothes. When their spouse, usually a wife, would launder their … Continue reading

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2011 NC State Fair E. coli Investigation Advances With Attendee Disease Survey

North Carolina's E. coli outbreak, which has sickened at least 25 people in seven counties, appears to be associated with attendance at the NC State Fair in Raleigh. State Epidemiologist Megan Davies says Fair attendance is the only identified common … Continue reading

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Reverand Pat Robertson, Divorce, and Alzheimer's Disease: Is It Okay to Divorce a Sick or Dying Spouse?

[Photo from wikipedia] Whether you love him or hate him, you must admit that the Reverand Pat Robertson has an uncanny affinity for making controversial statements which attract attention. What do you think of Robertson's latest statement about divorcing a … Continue reading

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Brain Injury Leads to Increased Parkinson's Disease Risks

As a maritime lawyer, I am very aware that maritime workers who have suffered a brain injury are at a much higher risk of impaired cognitive functioning, memory loss and a number of other side effects. However, new research also … Continue reading

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