SEC Proposes Rule Changes Regarding Disclosures About Variable Annuities and Variable Life Insurance Contracts

On October 30, 2018 the Securities and Exchange Commission announced amendments to rules and forms designed to improve disclosures made to clients regarding variable annuities and variable life insurance contracts.  According to the SEC, the purpose of the proposed amendments … Continue reading

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A Closer Look At Regulatory Action Disclosures On Form U4

Financial advisors who become registered with a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) member firm should be knowledgeable about Form U4, as it addresses a broad spectrum of historical events that are required to be reported to FINRA. FINRA has offered … Continue reading

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Disclosures Not Helpful

A coalition of consumer groups put together a study to evaluate the effectiveness of new disclosures proposed by the SEC. In essence, the disclosures are supposed to help consumers recognize the differences between different types of financial advisers. The study… … Continue reading

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SEC Issues $1.75 Million Penalty Over Perks Disclosures

A recent SEC consent order against The Dow Chemical Company reminds companies that when evaluating whether or not to disclose a payment or benefit to an executive as a perk in a proxy statement, the fact that the item has a … Continue reading

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By: Ann K. Ford and James K.S. Stewart The immense rise in popularity of social networks has led to the proliferation of social media celebrities—individuals who have amassed a great number of “followers” based on their unique ability to artfully … Continue reading

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