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For An Increase Of Alimony Because Of A Disability What Does My Lawyer Need To Prove?

Under New Jersey alimony law your attorney must demonstrate to a judge of the Family Part, Superior Court of New Jersey, that your disability creates an inability to obtain a job that is similar to what you had done historically … Continue reading

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HAWSCT Clarifies When An "Accident" Occurs In Service-Connected Disability Retirement Statute

A slight detour from our usual fare, to note a decision from a closely-divided Hawaii Supreme Court in a case about when a State employee is eligible for service-connected disability retirement benefits under the State Employees' Retirement System. In Pasco … Continue reading

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Case Review: #17-0306, Schmoker v. Wilkie (Is Hearing Loss a VA disability even if its not compensable?)

What is the Deep Issue in the Case? {Several issues were raised in the briefing of this case – this review focuses in on one: continuity of symptomatology for hearing loss} A veteran is entitled to service connection for loss … Continue reading

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Yonkers First Responders Disability Registry Aims to Provide Better Emergency Care for Special Needs Residents

­Emergency first responders often possess little more than the information contained in a 911 call and a street address. While this might suffice for most situations, when the emergency involves a resident with special needs, customary rescue operations can be … Continue reading

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Disability Voting Rights: Fast Facts

The following laws are in place to ensure that people with disabilities can vote in the U.S. Title II of The Americans with Disabilities Act: Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires state and local governments to … Continue reading

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