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What Happens if I Get in a Wreck in a Different State?

It’s a question most people would not ask themselves until it’s too late: “what happens if I get in a wreck in a different state?” Car accidents can happen anywhere at any time. And while your car insurance coverage meets … Continue reading

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Different Results from Different Databases

The statement different search engines and databases get different results may elicit different responses from different people.  Some may say “well of course” others may say “wait they aren’t all basically the same”, while others may chime in “well you … Continue reading

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An Odd Couple: A Primer on the Two Different Frameworks for Calculating the Terminal Date of a U.S. Copyright

“A Landslide of Classic Art is About to Enter the Public Domain” asserts a recent article in The Atlantic.  Why this is so requires explaining the complexities of calculating the terminal date of a pre-1978 copyright under the dual system … Continue reading

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Florida Supreme Court brings clarity to Attorney-Fiduciary privilege (different from the attorney-client privilege)

FLORIDA SUPREME COURT ADOPTS “ATTORNEY-FIDUCIARY PRIVILEGE” RULE The attorney-client privilege is one of the oldest legal concepts and the backbone of providing effective legal services.  It keeps the communication between an attorney and her client secret and protects it from … Continue reading

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What Are the Different Types of Immigration Petitions?

There are a wide variety of immigration petitions available to eligible individuals to come to the United States. These petitions generally fall into three different programs: family-based, employment-based, and humanitarian. A limited number of immigrants also may obtain visas through … Continue reading

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