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Key Differences Between Forbearance and Loan Modification

When a borrower is defaulting or about to default on a loan, the lender can offer to modify the loan agreement to allow the borrower to repay the debt and avoid the consequences of violating the agreement. Loan forbearance is … Continue reading

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Differences Between Guardianship and Adoption

Adoption is a familiar term that most people understand. However, guardianship is less known even though it is a popular alternative to adoption. In Illinois and other states, you can seek legal guardianship of a child who is under 18 … Continue reading

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Ninth Circuit Holds Prior Salary Cannot Justify Wage Differences

Enacted in 1963, the Equal Pay Act prohibits differential payments between male and female employees doing equal work except when made pursuant to a seniority system, a merit system, a system which measures earnings by quantity or quality of production, … Continue reading

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More from the Learning Differences Conference

The Learning Differences Conference at Harvard was great. Although it was designed for Pre-K-12, there were a number of excited ideas and trends in teaching all students presented at the conference. 1) Most studies on ADHD have not been on… … Continue reading

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The Differences Between NJ and PA DUI Charges

Spend time traveling between Pennsylvania and New Jersey, you’ll start to notice little differences, on everything from gas pumps to state government. Another key difference: DUI laws. Although both states take drunk driving seriously, any Bucks County DUI lawyer can … Continue reading

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