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How Does the Student Loan Bubble Differ From the Foreclosure Crisis?

One key difference in the foreclosure crisis versus the student loan bubble is that many believe there is no possibility of relief.  That is something that we seek to change every day for our clients via affirmative lawsuits for discharge … Continue reading

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Are All ‘Medical Necessity’ Determinations Subject to False Claims Act Liability? Opinions May Differ.

Two federal appellate-court decisions handed down in the past few weeks have generated much speculation about whether “medical necessity” determinations underlying Medicare or Medicaid claims can now be considered “objectively false” — despite conflicting medical-expert opinions — and actionable under … Continue reading

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Herbicide Regulators Differ on Whether to Ban Dicamba

As the weather heats up and summer gets into full swing, so does the growing season for major crops in America, bringing with it an enduring problem: weeds. Chemicals that kill weeds—herbicides—serve as an important tool for weed control. The … Continue reading

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Republican Candidates Differ on Immigration (New America Media)

Republican presidential candidates spoke little about immigration policy when they met last night for their first debate, but their comments revealed differing views on the issue. Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Immigration law

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