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John McCarthy, Literal Inventor of "AI" and a Founder of AI, Dies

Sad news: David Perlman John McCarthy, computer science trailblazer, dies Sf Gate (Oct. 29, 2011). McCarthy was, among many things, a serious student of "common sense." Read more detail on Recent Legal Theory Posts –

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Motorcyclist (David Lloyd Rocky) Dies in Accident on U.S. 1 (Watch Out for Motorcycles)

Watch Out for Motorcycles! This is a bumper sticker seen on vehicles in North Florida and the rest of the State. Unfortunately, many automobile accident / motorcycle accidents lead to the death or serious personal injury of the motorcyclists. One … Continue reading

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Lexington Man Dies in Motorcycle Crash

32 year old Tony Gray was killed Sunday in a motorcycle crash in Lexington, Kentucky. Mr. Gray's motorcycle hit a truck pulling a horse trailer that was making a left turn from Newtown Pike. Although Mr. Gray was wearing a … Continue reading

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Carnival Passenger Dies While Snorkeling Off Bermuda

The Royal Gazette newspaper in Bermuda reports that a 79 year old cruise passenger died on Sunday while snorkeling about one mile offshore off the West End. The newspaper indicates that man was a US‚Äącitizen from Carnival's Fantasy cruise ship, … Continue reading

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Eleanor Mondale Dies of Brain Cancer at 51

Eleanor Mondale, daughter of former Vice President Walter Mondale, has died of brain cancer at age 51. Eleanor was considered a "wild child" back in the day. I remember when she was dating Don Henley. According to news reports, she … Continue reading

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