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Did you catch these developments for the 2019 proxy statement and Form 10-K?

The 10-K and proxy season begins in a little over a month for companies with calendar fiscal year-ends.  The following governance and disclosure developments should be considered in the course of preparing these filings. For additional background, see our presentation … Continue reading

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Top ten developments in international law in 2018

Oxford University Press Blog: “This year was, once again, one of great political turmoil. The international legal order is not immune from the impact of the rise of populism and increasingly strained relations between many of the world’s most powerful … Continue reading

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The 20 Most Important Legal Technology Developments of 2018

What a whirlwind of a year it has been for legal technology. Barely a week into 2018, industry-changing news broke of Avvo’s sale to Internet Brands. Legal tech news has been nonstop ever since – so much that it’s a … Continue reading

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Effective accounting of Top 5 marijuana reform developments in 2018 (with a couple extra added for emphasis)

German Lopez has this effective Vox piece serving as a kind of marijuana reform year in review under the headlined "5 moments that show 2018 was marijuana legalization’s biggest year yet: From Canada to Michigan to California, marijuana legalization had … Continue reading

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New Developments on Meal Waivers for Healthcare Workers – Back Where We Started

California employers know to expect that the law sometimes takes some crazy turns. But the changes to the rules for healthcare worker meal waivers have been particularly insane. Try to keep up. In 2000, the legislature enacted AB 60, which … Continue reading

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