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Washington Officials Seek to Keep Net Neutral Despite FCC Repeal

By Wiley Cason In response to the repeal of Federal Net Neutrality rules, Washington State’s governor and attorney general have both argued that state-level regulations may still prevent Internet service providers (ISPs) from discriminating amongst data offered on their networks. In 2015, … Continue reading

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Medical Devices: An FDA Afterthought Despite Known Injuries and Death

This month, the New York Times online and print editions both ran a piece on the surprisingly unregulated medical device industry. Although now under the purview of the Food and Drug Administration, devices only became their responsibility in 1976. Bogged … Continue reading

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Tennessee Supreme Court Rules Surviving Spouse May Bring Wrongful Death Action Despite Owing Child Support Arrearages

If the death of a family member was caused by the negligence of another person, a personal representative may institute a Tennessee wrongful death action on behalf of the decedent’s beneficiaries.  Generally, the beneficiaries identified by statute receive the compensation obtained in … Continue reading

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WORSE THINGS HAPPEN AT SEA: Watch: Cruise from hell sailed right through “bomb cyclone” despite sto…

WORSE THINGS HAPPEN AT SEA: Watch: Cruise from hell sailed right through “bomb cyclone” despite storm forecast. “According to the video’s YouTube page, the ship consistently rocked for three days, people were sleeping in the hallways because water was leaking … Continue reading

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D&O Policy Rescission Upheld Despite Poorly Written Application Question and Arguably Correct Answer

Insurance policies are of course written documents, dependent upon standard conventions of grammar and usage in order to establish their meaning. A recent unpublished opinion from the Ninth Circuit wrestled with the grammar rules involved when an insurance application’s question … Continue reading

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