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Proposed Changes to Federal Deposition Rule Could Cause Problems

Whether your case is in federal or state court, there are rules that govern how your case is litigated. The rules are supposed to act as a kind of rulebook, governing many things, but of particular importance, governing how the … Continue reading

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TC Technology v. Sprint: District Court Grants Motion to Amend Complaint to Add Willfulness Claim Finding Good Cause Based on Deposition Testimony

TC Technology filed a patent infringement action against Sprint alleging that Sprint infringed a patent pertaining to wireless services used on an LTE network. The complaint did not allege willful infringement. During discovery, Sprint responded that it had received an … Continue reading

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What to Expect From a Deposition | Illinois Depositions Explained

In this article, we discuss depositions and what they're used for. We also discuss how to prepare for depositions and what to expect if you're required to take a deposition. Read more detail on Recent Real Estate and Property Law … Continue reading

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Defending the client’s deposition

An attorney tasked with defending a client’s deposition is doing most of the work prior to the deposition. While I have a frequently asked question on how a deponent should act at his or her deposition, the basic gist is: … Continue reading

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U.S. Court Allows Video Deposition Over EU Deponent’s Privacy Objections

A U.S. court has recently ruled that an EU citizen’s privacy rights and the GDPR do not trump a U.S. litigant’s right to obtain discovery, including video-taped depositions. In d’Amico Dry d.a.c. v. Nikka Finance, Inc., CA 18-0284-KD-MU, Dkt. No. … Continue reading

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