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Second Circuit’s BMI Decision Commendably Overturns the Justice Department’s Interference with Efficient Contracting in Performance Rights Licensing

Introduction and Summary On December 19, 2017, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit presented Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) with an early Christmas present.  Specifically, the Second Circuit commendably affirmed the District Court for the Southern District of … Continue reading

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Law Departments and the Foundation of Law Firm Marketing Bullshit

My friend John Grant made a mistake.Many moons ago he was consulting on process improvement for a large law department. He surveyed in-house counsel on their biggest complaints about outside counsel. The response was that outside counsel:Don't understand my business Can't … Continue reading

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Cottage Industrialist, a founder or top executive of a leading vendor to law departments: Ladan Behnia of Mitratech (Part 3 of a series)

Here is the latest backgrounder on a leading matter management system's founder. I asked these "cottage industrialists" to give some idea about the start of the company, some metrics about the current company, and an usual use of their software…. … Continue reading

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Law Departments and The On-Boarding Process

Law departments, you better have a solid on-boarding process for new in-house hires as Mark Hermann points out at his recent InsideStraight column over at AboveTheLaw. [via: Inside Straight: The On-Boarding Process at Above The Law] Like this post? Subscribe … Continue reading

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Goal based training on software and its application in law departments

Am. Legal Tech. Insider, Aug. 2011 has an item on page 7 about Capensys, a software training company. It trains users on Microsoft's Office 2010 as well as other applications used in law firms. Capensys "employs a goal-based training approach… … Continue reading

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