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On to Trial—Summary Judgment Denied to Facebook in Privacy Litigation

The litigation over Facebook’s Tag Suggestions feature in the United State District Court for the Northern District of California continues, with the court this week denying both sides’ bids for summary judgment in a ten-page order. The case, formerly captioned … Continue reading

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What Can You Do If You're Denied Visitation With An Incapacitated Loved One?

Recent news is replete with stories about spouses, guardians and caregivers accused of refusing to allow family members to visit an incapacitated loved one. These stories have made headlines because they involved celebrities. Among them were disc jockey Casey Kasem … Continue reading

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[Eugene Volokh] Why Can Felons Be Denied the Right to Vote?

Occasionally, people ask about the constitutional basis for denying felons the right to vote (set aside here the policy arguments about that). There's a good answer to that, I think First, note that the Constitution never secures a right to … Continue reading

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Minnesota Hospital Denied Exemption

The Lake View Memorial Hospital and Clinic in Minnesota was denied a property tax exemption in February 2018. The Minnesota Tax Court stated that the Memorial Hospital failed the auxiliary-property test. Minnesota’s statute says that in order to qualify for … Continue reading

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Top Reasons Applicants are Denied at their Citizenship Interview

In this post, we discuss the top five reasons applicants are denied at their citizenship interview. First let’s go over some basics: In order to become a United States Citizen, you must meet the following general requirements at the time … Continue reading

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