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Quantum Democracy – What You Ought to Know

Quantum Democracy, how hard it’s to express an concept never before mentioned, perhaps with some other method. But one has to begin somehow, by some mistake, speculation or theory. That’s why I permit myself to express this with the emphasis … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street is a Democracy Movement

By Mike Dorf The notion that Occupy Wall Street (OWS) has no demands is fueled in part by an arguably deliberate media obtuseness. Judging from the movement's core catch-phrase — "We are the 99%" — it is clear that the … Continue reading

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"They have taken our democracy and formed it into a 'kleptocracy.'"

Michael Moore explains the "Occupy Wall Street" protest in NYC and incites viewers to take the protest to their local bank: "The working poor of this country have suffered long enough, and they're not going to take it." Read more … Continue reading

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The Representation in Representative Democracy

Electoral Ridings in Montreal Some hullaballoo about new seats for Ontario, BC and Alberta. The NDP and Quebec oppose the change and root their opposition in this decision: Reference re Prov. Electoral Boundaries (Sask.), [1991] 2 SCR 158 Read below … Continue reading

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Justice Moreno Discusses Direct Democracy

Carlos Moreno, retired California Supreme Court justice and litigator at Irell & Manella, will discuss the future of direct democracy as Zocalo Public Square recognizes the 100th anniversary of California's adoption of the initiative and referendum. The event is Wed., … Continue reading

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