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2nd Degree Murder on Carnival Cruise; Man Kills Wife

Earlier this month, Eric Newman of Topeka, Kansas was indicted for the second degree murder of his wife, Tamara Tucker. According to the Kansas City Star, the indictment said Newman was traveling with Tucker on board a cruise ship called … Continue reading

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How Do I Get My Connecticut Harassment Second Degree Arrest Dismissed?

Harassment arrests in Connecticut usually involve offensive texts, phone calls, emails and social media messages. Harassment charges often pop up during nasty divorce cases where cheating is involved. Connecticut police try to mediate before making arrests for Harassment Second Degree. … Continue reading

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Nearly Half of All Immigrants Enter the US with a College Degree Survey Finds

The perception that millions of unskilled and uneducated immigrants enter the United States, is challenged by data that suggests new arrivals are just as likely to be college educated than the native population. According to the Association of American Colleges … Continue reading

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The Criminal Justice Degree Online and What It Asks of Applicants

The admission process for the graduate criminal justice degree online program can be daunting. Different schools actually require different things of applicants. Following is some data that can help you get admitted to such a program, though. Most if not … Continue reading

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Florida Criminal Law: What Are the Penalties for the Crime of a Third Degree Felony Burglary?

Burglary, in Florida, has many components due to the number of ways that a burglary can be committed. Burglary is not just the unlawful entry into someone's home, a store, or there car, but also the crime is charged in … Continue reading

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