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Nominative fair use defense in 2d Cir goes about as well as you'd expect on motion to dismiss

Excelsior College v. Wolff, 2018 WL 3964703, No. 17-CV-0011 (N.D.N.Y. Aug. 16, 2018)Excelsior alleged that Wolff infringed its rights by advertising and selling a test preparation service that uses Excelsior’s registered marks and copyrighted material for a Clinical Performance Nursing … Continue reading

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In Defense of Affirmative Action in Higher Education

The mere consideration of race in admissions, as the Supreme Court has long-held, does not violate college applicants’ equal rights. In November 2014, Students for Fair Admissions, an organization founded and led by Edward Blum as part of his ongoing … Continue reading

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Tennessee Court of Appeals Reverses Defense Verdict in Birth Injury Case

Many Tennessee medical malpractice lawsuits involve tragic situations, but those involving young children and babies injured at birth can be some of the most heartbreaking. Doctors and their insurance companies are often quick to deny liability and shift blame for … Continue reading

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Mission Critical at the Department of Defense now includes Climate

On August 13 the President signed the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019. The $716 billion H.R. 5515, authorizes appropriations for the Department of Defense for procurement of everything from aircraft, missiles, ammunition, shipbuilding and … Continue reading

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Carpenter May Reveal a Recipe for Defense in High-Tech Criminal and Regulatory Cases

Our colleagues Matthew S. Adams and Jana Volante Walshak have authored a client alert about the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Carpenter v. United States, where the court held that cellphone location records deserve heightened protection, once again expanding the Fourth … Continue reading

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