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Bilbo Baggins, Defendant: Law In Tolkien @MizzouLaw

HATTS (Historical and Theatrical Trial Society) of the University of Missouri School of Law has announced the trial of Bilbo Baggins of Bags End, The Shire, for stealing the Arkenstone of Thrain. The trial will take place on Wednesday, April … Continue reading

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Florida Trafficking in Hydrocodone Charge Dismissed Where Defendant Had Drug Prescription

Over the last several years in Florida, drug cases involving pills such as Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Roxycontin and other pain pills have become much more prevalent as opposed to more traditional drug crimes involving marijuana, cocaine, crack and heroin. In a … Continue reading

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Defendant Must Be Aware of Child in Stolen Car to Be Charged With Kidnapping – Delgado v. State of Florida

Getting to know – and prove – the mindset of the defendant is an important part of my work as a Miami-Dade criminal defense attorney. To get a conviction for many crimes, prosecutors must show that the defendant had a … Continue reading

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Twenty Percent Royalty Rate Appropriate Where Plaintiff Was Highly Unlikely to License Its Patent to Defendant, a Direct Competitor

After the district court determined that the plaintiff's patent was infringed and was not invalid based on anticipation or obviousness, the district court held a bench trial on the issue of damages. The district court first analyzed the issue of … Continue reading

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Frank Quattrone is Still A Defendant

Believe it or not, there is still ongoing litigation over analyst reports clouded by conflicts of interest by former superstar investment banker, now superstar consultant, Frank Quattrone from about a decade ago. You may remember that the DOJ tried Quattrone … Continue reading

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