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Vacating An Order Of Default In A Maryland Child Custody Case

Imagine a scenario where you lose access to your child due to a procedural technicality (of which you may not have been aware), and the court does not even give you a chance to be heard as to what constitutes … Continue reading

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Contractor Drowns in Red Ink from Mistake Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA) Cannot Save From Termination for Default

Author:  Cheryl Adams, Esq. If you are a contractor bidding on a government contract, you must be certain you understand all the details of the work to be performed, you must get your bid pricing right, and you must make … Continue reading

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No Citation in the Court's file, no Valid Service based merely on Affidavit of Process Server, no Valid Default Judgment

Garcia v. Ennis, No. 02-17-00282-CV (Tex.App.- Fort Worth, Jun. 28, 2018) (reversing trial court's denial of bill-of-review relief against default judgment for failure to strictly comply with rules of civil procedure governing service of process and remanding for further proceedings … Continue reading

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the perils of default judgments against speech: showing up late can prove onerous

Lokosky v. Gass, No. 1 CA-SA 18-0101, 2018 WL 3150499 (Az. Ct. App. Jun. 28, 2018)Respondents (not Gass, who’s the judge, named for procedural reasons) sued Lokosky for false advertising and related claims seeking to compel Lokosky to "remove from … Continue reading

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Passport Revocation – Can this Occur if you are in Default on Your Student Loans?

U.S. Passports Can Now Be Revoked for Unpaid Taxes — Can this Expand to Include Unpaid Federal Student Loans? Right now no.  Although there are signs that U.S. Passport holders could face a revocation of their passports in the future … Continue reading

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